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We try things. That may sound like small potatoes. But it couldn’t be bigger. Sure, anyone can do it. But more than talent, more than money, more than good looks, trying is the fuel of progress for all things big and small. You see something. You get an idea. You act. That’s what put Armstrong on the moon. That’s what drove Hillary up Everest. That’s what pushed Lewis and Clark across an unknown land.

When you combine ideas with effort, no problem is too big. No mountain is too high. Columbia was not founded by an expert climber or renowned outdoorsman. It was born from an idea and the willingness to take a chance. When you think trying won’t help, that effort is insignificant, remember that the Grand Canyon started with one drop of water trying to get to the ocean. And Columbia started with one woolen hat. So try, try, try. Try often. Try differently. Try harder. Then try again. Greatness will follow.

Columbia. Trying stuff since 1938


What Our Clients Are Saying...


“Exactly the type of “wow” factor I was seeking.  Thanks to you and your team for all of the hard work.”  - RJB Minneapolis, MN


“Thank you so much for turning this around so quickly. Your work is gorgeous! A great testament to the great team that you must have over there.”  - Kenny M, Sweet Street Desserts, Reading, PA


"Comment from receiving party was 'good quality & good looking'.  Thanks for the great service"!! - Jim H Georgetown, MA


"I thought it was going to be a good decision to move our business from purchasing promotional items online to working with your firm to address those needs on a local basis. It was not a good decision; it was a great decision! I can't tell you how grateful I am to have you to rely on for your familiarity and expertise in selecting the right item for the right promotion and the right conference.

Your insight and advice has proven to be invaluable and we are always thrilled to find that, without exception, our promotional item dollars spent are a great investment. We always seem to have the "hit of the show item." One of my colleagues recently commented that my booth has become THE place to visit during conferences..."  RB, Minneapolis, MN