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The Lacoste story begins with two men: Rene Lacoste, its creator and designer, and Andre Gillier, an innovative hosier. The two created the industrial production of the Lacoste classic “petit pique” polo shirt. From their encounter, a totally new garment was born.

In the 1920’s, French tennis superstar, René Lacoste – nicknamed “le Crocodile”, revolutionized tennis wear when he appeared on the court in a short-sleeved knit shirt he had personally designed.

Today, Lacoste maintains a strong presence in both tennis and golf globally. Lacoste products are worn by professional athletes in golf and tennis in every major country around the world. The Lacoste logo can be seen at almost every major tournament at any time throughout the world.

Lacoste fashions have a major presence in the entertainment industry and are available through prestigious major retailers, better specialty stores, and Lacoste boutiques in over 110 countries worldwide.