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Our Expertise


Engagement Strategies

Engagement is the strategy to collectively focus customer loyalty, employee and associate engagement, and financial performance into a complete circle of prosperity.   We employ the methodology to assess a client’s needs and opportunities, and create a strategy and implementation plan to engage the intended audience for attaining the desired results.

Whether it is for sales growth, internal associates, external channel partners or talent recruitment, we can provide the products and strategies that will deliver results.

Our collection of brands and extensive knowledge of the industry provides us with the ability to adapt to each client’s unique needs. Our products represent compelling and unique items meant to capture the targeted recipients attention and engagement. We couple the products with the right strategy engagement principles to produce results for a better return-on-investment than traditional recognition, loyalty or sales promotions.


Corporate Branding & Company Stores

Corporate identity and Company Store programs protect and enhance corporate brand integrity, control consistent quality and image. We offer an array of products for internal or external use.

Items include business to business gifts, employee apparel and gifts, and trade show essentials. We are sourcing experts, and can offer popular items for wide corporate use, as well as unique high-end gifts and keepsakes commemorating company milestones.


Sales Incentives & Promotions

Sales incentives and promotions with rewards for incremental purchase and sales activities at all levels of the distribution channel. We create turn-key programs that deliver measurable results. We unite products from prestigious brands into exciting and unique programs and promotions for growing sales and market share.


Brand Extension

We recognize a substantial change in what makes a brand perennially successful.  What was once considered lead time or lag time is now calculated in speed to market, measured in internet-based minutes.  No longer can brand awareness, brand history, or even brand market share be deemed as a comfort zone for managers of today's emerging or established brands.  Something additional must be considered to ensure the growth and reach of a brand continues against competing forces that make attention span a function of the latest Facebook posting or Twitter tweet.

At Idea Workshop, we have synthesized our collective 50-years of experience working with well-known brands down into a functional model which will identify ways to strengthen or 'extend' a brand into known, or soon-to-be-known, channels that will open revenue streams that are both predictable and manageable.

This functional 'Brand Extension' (BE) model is still part of our proprietary tool kit. Identifying and satisfying the customers’ needs is a critical component for success. We look at what brands can do to give themselves a competitive edge.


Rewards & Loyalty Programs

We focus on leveraging our client's brand equity to engage purchasers through sales incentives, contests and sweepstakes, and loyalty programs. Web-based reward and loyalty programs offer an easy way to communicate a program nationally.  We manage the development, fulfillment and create a database that links buyers and sellers.


Corporate Events & Hospitality

Complete special destination, travel incentives and events planned and executed to create lasting impressions and a rewarding experience. 


Electronic Marketing/Uvideo

Welcome to the fusing of video, audio and print. We offer a unique product for marketing and communication called Uvideo. Uvideo is a fully functional LCD video player encased into a custom printed enclosure that delivers engaging audio & visual presentations.

Uvideo offers a range of LCD displays with a wafer thin profile, and crystal clear audio – all in a single, self contained unit. Uvideo is fully rechargeable and programmable via USB, thus insuring an enduring marketing experience. This product brings a video message directly into the hands of customers/recipients in a custom printed piece.